Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have been setting up my new laptop, this weekend, to run Vista and
Ubuntu. The hardest thing so far, is to find replacements for the
various Mac OS X applications that I used. For example, ecto is a great
blog editor for Mac OS X. There aren't many blog editors available for

apt does include some blog editors, but they are pretty limited in
their functionality. Scribefire
is also available, but if I wanted to write blog posts while in my
browser, I will just use my blogging software's web interface.

The best application that I have found so far is Bleezer.
This is a cross-platform java application, that supports many blogging
services. Some of the other features it has are:

  • Image uploading

  • Multiple category support

  • built-in tagging support

  • spell checking

  • integrated xmlrpc pinging

The one feature that it seems to be missing, is the support for the
extended text field in the MovableType API.

Update:  I haven't been able to successfully post with Bleezer.  When I click the Publish button, noting appears to happen.  I am sure that something is timing out, but since there is no status UI, I can't tell what is happening

[via The NeoSmart Files

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