Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I heard about madKast on the last GeekNewsCentral podcast.  This looks like a pretty cool way to add a widget to share your posts via email or on social networking sites.

You have to include a javascript in your header, and then the script parses the page to identify the individual posts.  Then it places an icon next to each title.

Madkast Icon

When you click on the icon, a widget appears where you can send the link in an email, or your can post it to various sites.

Madkast Expanded

I found a problem in the way that it detects individual articles.  The posts that I have that were submitted directly from del.icio.us, are not marked with the madKast icon.  All of these posts have a title similar to "links for 2007-07-29".  I send an email to madKast support about this problem.

I will not be installing this myself.  The problem that I have with this is that the javascript is hosted on an external server.  There is a chance that, if their server is unresponsive, that page loads could be adversely affected.

If they offered the ability to host the javascript yourself, I would probably install it.  In fact, I would probably write a LifeType plugin for it.

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