Friday, June 22, 2007

More iApp annoyance

I have been starting to have frustrating experiences with Apple's iApps.  In this post, I mentioned my frustrations with iTunes and FrontRow.  Now I am having a frustrating time with iPhoto, where it is not doing exactly what I want.

Last night I wanted to upload some photos to our gallery.  The complication arrises because we have a couple of coputers.  My wife uses her computer to load the photos from the camera.  I was trying to upload the photos from my computer.

I use unison to upload the iPhoto library to an external server.  Then I use unison on my laptop and our Mac mini to copy the photos back down.  This worked fine until we upgraded our camera.  Now the large photo size of our 5 mega-pixel camera swamps our upload bandwidth.

So then I tried using iPhoto's sharing.  This "almost" works.  I can view the photos.  Unfortunately, I could only copy a random subset to my local computer or add them to my library.  There didn't appear to be any indication on which photos could be copied.

So now I want to find a simpler solution.  I want to be able to just copy photos to some folder on our Network Attached Storage Device.  Then I want this photo viewing/editing program to automatically see these photos.

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