Sunday, May 6, 2007

Harmony Remote charging base

The Harmony 880 Remote is the best universal remote IMHO.  This remote has a charging base so you don't have to replace batteries.  I have noticed that our remote hasn't been charging.

I discovered the problem is that the remote is not making contact with the base when just being placed in.  If I place a small weight on the remote, charging works perfectly.


  1. Yup, mine does the same kind of have to be extra deliberate when you sit it on the cradle. Annoying for such a nice remote.

  2. I had the same problem right out of the box with mine. I spent about 20 minutes with a tech person on the phone where they determined the problem was with the base not the remote (since the remote would charge if I placed it ever so carefully on the base). They sent me a new base in the mail and I have never had a problem since. I just drop the remote on the base and it charges without a hitch.


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