Thursday, March 8, 2007

Proliferation of Google Accounts

The number of Google Accounts that I have is steadily increasing.  Now I have 3 4 accounts.

  1. One is my account

  2. One is my paul@domain1 account with password X (Created in Google Apps for Your Domain)

  3. One is my paul@domain1 account with password Y (Created in Google Groups)

  4. One is my paul@domain2 account (Created in Google Adsense)

There is some inconsistancy with where and how these Accounts can be used.  For example, I can use the account to log into most Google services. I can use the credentials that were created in Google Apps to log into Google Apps, but not the main Google services.

When I use Google Notifier or g4me, I can use either the account or the Google Apps account, and I get the correct information, but I can't use my other account credentials..

What I would love to see is a way to consolidate these accounts, into a single account and multiple identities.

  • If you had multiple gmail accounts, there would be a link that would let you switch between the mail views

  • In Google Calendar, you should be able to view the calendars side by side.

  • Google Reader could have a folder for each account

  • If you make a new post in Google Groups, you should be able to select the identity to send the post as.

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