Sunday, February 4, 2007

Spanning Sync (Re)opening Public Beta

The public beta for Spanning Sync has reopened.  With Spanning Sync, you can synchronize your iCal with your Google Calendar accounts.

Now that I have tried it out, I am impressed with how well it works.  I was easily able to synchronize a calendar in my Google Calendar account with a calendar in iCal.  In fact, this was a Google Apps for Your Domain account, so there doesn't appear to be any problem working with these, as opposed to a regular Google Calendar account.

One suggestion that I have is to add the ability to create a calendar in iCal from the Spanning Sync interface.  This would be very helpful if you have a lot of accounts in Google Calendar, and want to synchronize all of them.

I don't think that I will be using Spanning Sync personally.  I am finding the calendar sharing and event invitation capabilities so much better in Google Calendar than they are in iCal.  Also, I can modify the calendars on Google, even when I am not on my Mac.  The only reason that I want to keep things synchronized with iCal is so I can use iSync to synchronize the data with my phone.

This is really easy to do with just subscribing to the private ics feed in iCal

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