Wednesday, March 23, 2005

XM installed in Honda Odyssey

XM Commander installed in sunglass holderToday, we had XM installed into out Honda Odyssey.  We deicded to go with the XM Commander, since we didn't want to change our head unit, and we wanted a small interface. One of my main goals of this will to have the van still look stock, and not make it look like there is a lot of aftermarket equipment installed.

The XM commander interface was installed into the sunglass holder, above the rear view mirror.  With this installation, when it is closed, noone would be able to tell if XM had been installed at all.

While the XM was being installed, I asked the stereo installers to move the sound output of the DVD player from FM modulation to line-in though the CD changer port.  (The FM modulatio that was installed with the DVD player appears to not be shielded well.  While driving near high voltage lines, a lot of static can be heard.

The XM commander is using its FM modulator, but I am not that concerned about this one.  I had an XM Commander installed in our Jetta, and there were no problems with interference.

The only problem with the install, is that they appear to have used a long bolt to hold the FM modulator, and itis interfeering with the cup holder as it slides out.  I am bringing the car back on Friday to have this fixed. They were very willing to fix the problem.  They didn't require me to make an appointment, and they fixed it as soon as I brought the car in.

In all, I am very impressed with the work that AMS Car Stereo has done, and will bring them other work as it arrises.

Here are some more pictures of the XM: Odyssey pictures

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