Thursday, August 19, 2004

More Vonage

Yesterday, I switched out phone to the Vonage phone line. Now all calls to our landline phone line will be forwarded to the Vonage phone line. The phone line is working great. In fact, the TiVo work well with the line too.

Since SBC does not have have Local Number Portabilty, I still have to keep my old line. I have cancelled all of the other features, except for Call Forwarding. I also change the line to be at a Metered Rate. So now I am playing $9.21 for a line that I had paid $60.

When I did some testing today, I noticed that the sound for someone outside of the house was affected when I was streaming music from my server at home to work. So I moved the Phone adapter to be in front of my firewall. The Phone adapter has QoS. It looks like it is a limited version of QoS. Here is the section from the Motorola VT1000v Users Guide:

Q: Is any Quality of Service (QoS) implemented on the Motorola voice terminal?
A: Although voice service over the Internet is typically best-effort, the Motorola voice terminal provides upstream prioritization to ensure that upstream voice data has priority over other Web data. This ensures good voice quality even during heavy upstream data transfers such as e-mail synchronization or file sharing.

Since this is really only QoS for the upstream direction, it may be necessary to get a switch or gateway that has a better QoS implementation.

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  1. Have you noticed any delay with your Vonage line? I tried Packet8, and when I called my landline, I could notice about a half second delay both ways.
    It doesn't sound that bad, but I really hate it when I keep trying to talk at the same time as the person on the other end.
    For now, I'm sticking with my landline because of the price ($16/month) and quality, but if Vonage had the same quality, it would be tempting....


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