Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Network Storage Device

Linksys Network Storage LinkA while ago, I seriously looked into buying a Network Attached Storage device. I was having problems getting DSL to my house, so I was thinking about moving the server offsite. The only problem with doing this is that currently all of our music is stored on it.

When I looked at the NAS out there they were too expensive. Here is a 80 Gb NAS and print server, for $500. I didn't think that it was worth it, since you can get a computer for that price.

Today I just saw this interesting product. Linksys has their Network Storage Link. The really cool thing about this device is that it is only $80. Here is a review of it. With this, you can attach one or two USB 1 or USB 2 hard drives and put them on your network. It looks like that it uses samba to make the the drives available on the network. Also there is web based administration for the user and permissions. Also, It looks like there is read only access to the files, from the web server.

I wonder if it would be possible to use this device for some of those home mp3 players that get the files from samba shares. I assume that those devices will just use a certain named mount point.

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