Thursday, May 6, 2004


DSPAM looks like it is a promising way to stop spam. The website states that it uses Statistical Hybrid Filter, which they claim to be a better technology than the current spam blocking mechanisms. I have not installed it myself, so I can't really speak about how it actually works.

The main reason that I haven't installed it yet is because it looks like mail is filtered at deliver time. I actually want to have mail scanned at the time that it is received.

Here is the url:


I guess I should clarify my post above. Since I run my spam and virus checker, throught amavisd all mail is scanned before delivery. In fact mail that is being relayed to a different server is being scanned. From what I read, it looks like DSPAM runs as the user for whom the mail is being delivered to using there settings. I need to be able to run this as a single user for all of my mail.